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Beginning with Southern Edition in 2006, Greg Freeman Media (formerly Greg Freeman Publishing) has blossomed into a portfolio of several digital publications, and is the home to a number of promising parked domains that are available for further development.


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Greg Freeman Media is pleased to offer the following domains, all of which have enormous global potential:,,


Now is a great time to invest in Auspicity.

The name Auspicity should have tremendous appeal in locales such as India, where the term "auspicious" or "auspiciousness" has significance.  India is a nation that is rapidly becoming a global power, and its place in the world economy is not to be underestimated.

  • Millions seek employment every month.  An Auspicity website would be a great job-seeking tool, focusing on one city such as Mumbai or the entire subcontinent.  Perhaps even specialize in a particular field to speed up the hiring process.
  • Global tourism is bringing tourists from around the world.  Turn Auspicity into a travel site, hotel brand, hospitality networking entity or upscale rewards program.  India is increasingly attracting big spenders from the Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Riyadh).
  • In a country whose population could soon surpass that of China, there is always room for one more news outlet.  Turn Auspicity into a media empire!
  • Give eBay and Alibaba a run for their money.  Start an Indian-based online marketplace with Auspicity.
Buyer receives, and for the price of one.,


Image by congerdesign from Pixabay
Did you know "natural wines" are becoming all the rage?  From Bordeaux to California, vintners, large and small, are tapping into a market that is beginning to take off.  Check out Stephen Buranyi's article "Has Wine Gone Bad?" which originally appeared in The Guardian

Use and to:
  • establish a publication devoted to natural wines,
  • market a particular brand of natural or organic wine,
  • market a trade organization devoted to natural wines.
Buyer receives and for the price of one.

$,$$$ has the potential to attract a diverse range of visitors due to its name.  Use the site to market fabric remnants or establish something more ethnically- or spiritually-minded.
  • Create a fair trade website using to offer products of Jewish significance or with origins in Israel.
  • Take a bold step and use the site to bridge gaps between Israeli jews and Palestinians by equally representing hand-made products from both peoples.
  • Use to offer scriptural study, religious merchandise or travel explorations to the Holy Land.
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